There are many factors in arriving at the decision to outsource, not least of
which are the costs saved by not having to buy specialist software or pay for software
maintenance and training. Then thereís office space and equipment for a cashier and
the cost of employing a cashier.

At Acorn we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible
for your day-to-day postings and who will be your central point of contact for
questions or queries. Your Account Manager will be one of our highly trained,
experienced cashiers.

Our service is very simple. All you need to do is send us details of payments and
receipts and copies of bills and bank statements and we do the rest. You can send
information daily and we will then post and reconcile daily. Thatís entirely up to you;
send as often as you wish.

At the end of each month we send you all the reports you need to satisfy
The Solicitorsí Account Rules
including reconciliations for you to sign. At the
year-end we provide a more detailed information pack that you can pass directly
to your reporting accountant.

We charge a fixed monthly fee to help you with budgeting. We donít charge extra
for reports you may require for things like VAT.