As Independent Consultants Acorn Legal offers impartial advice to law firms on their IT systems - hardware, software, networks, Internet, e-mail and branch office connectivity. Unlike many consultants in the sector Acorn receives no commission from suppliers thus ensuring the advice given is tailored specifically to the firms' needs and not to those of the supplier.

Acorn Legal works on behalf of firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to multi-branch practices providing a service established to directly address the needs of legal practices unhappy with the services being offered by existing suppliers and to provide advice and guidance on alternative solutions. Acorn will provide a totally unbiased view of a firm's current system and suppliers. If a firm is unsure of the advice it is receiving or is experiencing problems with its systems Acorn can help.

Advice is also available on legal software, should a firm be considering either a new or replacement system. As a specialist, Acorn ensures it stays abreast of developments in technology, regulation and other matters affecting the legal profession.

An experienced consultant will visit in order to appreciate a firm's requirements or difficulties. The firm will then be provided with a detailed proposal based upon the initial findings. This will normally include a thorough appraisal of all the IT within the organisation followed by a detailed report and recommendations.

Once the firm has accepted the recommendations, Acorn will then liase with suppliers, place orders on the firm's behalf and supervise all work, thus ensuring the value and quality of the solution delivered.

Acorn Legal only charges for the time spent acting on the firm's behalf, in exactly the same way as a solicitor for his client.